Secret Disk Pro 2021 Crack

Secret Disk Pro 2021 Crack

Secret Disk Pro 2021 Crack: Are you concerned about sensitive files or data that you wish to keep private? Secret Disk will create an invisible space on your hard disk that is only accessible by a password and not visible to Windows Explorer. You will need to create a password when you install Secret Disk. This password must not be forgotten. This will create a drive with a letter such as Z. To open Secret Disk, type the correct password. As long as your hard drive has enough space, you can put whatever you want in there. The folder will disappear from Windows if you close it and lock it.

The Secret Disk Pro license key will only appear when Disk Pro is opened, and you have entered the correct password. You can set Secret Disk to notify you if attempts are unsuccessful in accessing the hidden drive. Secret Disk Pro Serial Key can be a handy app. However, the app is not hidden so that other users might notice it.

The serial key to your secret drive will automatically disappear in the event of a power outage or fatal error in Windows. Secret Disk Professional crack Full doesn’t encrypt files. It only restricts access to your files (you may use the password). The program links your files to the virtual disk. It will give you enough security to protect your files from prying eyes.

Quick and Easy Creation:

It is not necessary to format the hard drive or modify the boot sector. The program creates a new disk very quickly. This program will create a new disk automatically. Pro pro pro disk is just like a regular hard drive and can be used with any program that you already have. You can have multiple secret disks and choose to use a different letter for each one.

Intelligent in any Circumstance:

Your secret disk will automatically lock in the event of a power outage or fatal error in Windows. Because the information is stored in virtual memories, this happens automatically. The secret disk doesn’t encrypt files. It only restricts access to files. You can use the password. The program links the virtual disk to your files.  

Secret Disk Pro Features:

  • Number of hidden databases
  • You can create multiple secret disks with our software.
  • 1 20 Maximum sizes of hidden database
  • You have the option to choose the size of your hard drives
  • 2GB UnlimitedCreate virtual drive for the database
  • Your secret drive will look just like any other Windows disk.
  • You don’t need to format your hard disk; you can use a virtual secret drive.
  • We allow you to choose the disc’s letter for your convenience.
  • Optional password protection
  • Automatic disk hiding
  • Secret disks may disappear if you turn on the screen saver or log out of Windows.
  • Start the disk at startup
  • Windows may automatically open any secret disks you have stored on it.
  • You can disable the program.
  • System Tray Agent
  • Password under pressure
  • Security option. It will open a blank disk instead of a physical one if used.
  • You have the option to disable automatic search and notify you of new developments.

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