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GOM Player Plus License Key Crack is the Premium version of the GOM Player free version. It still provides the same capabilities as GOM Player, but with added major improvements with no advertisements, an upgraded UI that allows for simple and rapid use, and a major performance improvement.

GOM Player is a completely free alternative for the desktop multimedia tool. It supports many different formats, skins that You can customize, and an extensive library of subtitles and 360-degree VR (virtual reality) video.

GOM Player Plus Crack Features:

Next-Generation Performance

GOM Player Plus is turbocharged to deliver the highest video resolution and maximum gaming performance.

No Adverts

GOM Player Plus is ad-free to increase the user experience and speed.

Comprehensive File Support

GOM Player Plus can play all of the most popular formats for video, including MKV, AVI FLV, WMV, MOV, and many more!

Super Subtitle Function

You can download and share many subtitles through our library and also through connecting with OpenSubtitles.org. You can change the position, size, and sync settings for your subtitles.

Play 360 degrees VR video

It fully supports 360-degree video. You can view the 360-degree world simply using your mouse or keyboard.

Multi-angle side-viewer including front back left and right and screen transition.

Search as well as playback functions on 360-degree YouTube videos.

GOM Media Player Advanced Features

With a range of advanced features such as A-B repeat screen capture, A-B repeat Player capture, and playback speed control, as well as video-related effects, GOM Player Plus allows you to do more than play your videos.

Codec Finder

  Its Codec Finder program will look for the codec missing and guide you to a website that will let you know more about and download the codec you’re missing.

Connect to GOM Remote

You can operate GOM Player Plus with GOM Remote. It has all the basics that include moving forward/back or playing and pause and play. Additionally, it includes advanced functions, like opening files as well as searching and power control.

 GOM Player Plus license key is specifically designed for computers with 64 bits. GOM Player serial numbers are free of ads to improve the user experience and speed. This results in the highest resolution video and video player performance. It’s much quicker and more stable than Free Player, and it can play 360-degree VR videos. 


The player was designed with an eye on the future. It comes with a variety of cool features and is focused on universal accessibility. There’s a little learning curve to begin using this tool, and those who download it must be aware of third-party extensions when installing it.

A simple interface

GOM Player offers a clear and simple user interface. Although it’s minimal in design, however, it’s not very user-friendly. There aren’t many on-screen controls, aside from the essential playback control. If you wish to alter your audio or additional settings, you’ll need to navigate to the player’s menu. It’s difficult to locate tools like graphic or audio equalizers, which can be difficult for users new to the program. Once you are used to this, the interface becomes easier to use.

If you aren’t happy with the default style of the player, then you can modify its appearance by applying a fresh theme. The themes are just for cosmetic purposes and don’t change significantly in terms of user experience.

File formats supported 

GOM Player on Windows can play a broad variety of file types, including popular video formats such as the popular video formats AVIMOV, and MP4 formats. You can also play lesser frequently used file types like Matroska, Ogg, OGM, and many other formats. If the player can’t find its file type, it will automatically look for it on the internet.  

Multilingual design

GOM Player Plus License Key Crack is the most well-known within South Korea, but it is now making its way into the market that is native to English. It was designed to appeal to an international audience and is compatible with various subtitle formats. It will search for and sync subtitles to the film being watched. You can also change their appearance to increase or decrease their appearance.

Customizable viewing

GOM media player also employs an innovative method of multitasking. If you’re enjoying the video and want to capture a still image from the content you are watching; the screen recording option is easy to utilize. It allows you to work on your computer and watch media content at the same time. You can also adjust the display transparency to allow you to view the video and your screen simultaneously.

This feature is particularly useful when you’re watching a tutorial video. Instead of working in separate windows, you can view the video on all-screen as you follow the steps in the tutorial. Users can get the app on mobile to manage their GOM player on PC via their smartphone or tablet.

VR Playback

One thing that makes GOM Player Plus License Key Crack stick out from others is the VR Reality technology. It allows you to play 360-degree video using this player. It has previews with views from the left, front, and left that you can control with arrow keys. There are play and search options so that you can search for VR-related content on YouTube.

A clever installer

Be careful when downloading this program because it could attempt to introduce undesirable programs and then make modifications. It’s easy to miss until you open GOM Player’s installation of GOM Player with a keen eye. Be sure to read through the available options, then choose the Custom installation.

GOM Player Plus Crack

GOM Player Plus License Key Crack

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